Name: The Doppelganger
Age: 20 (seemingly)
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Appears In: Unnamed story featuring Memory Monsters
Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal

"The Doppelganger" is the pseudonym of a major antagonist that appears in a planned fanfic idea by Taylor Gorrell's, though the story itself is unnamed. A mysterious man with the power to tap into the world's lost memories, he uses them as tools to achieve his unknown agenda.


The Doppelganger's default, seemingly true form is that of a pale, lanky young man with yellow eyes that can glow and long, wiry navy blue hair that frames his face like a bird's beak, covering much of his face above the mouth from the front and shadowing his eyes, though his left eye is often visible due to its glow. His attire consists of a black shirt with a red stain on it, a dark blue jacket, black jeans with a chain hanging out of one pocket, steel-toed brown boots, and a silver ring on his right index finger.


The Doppelganger frequently holds his right hand over his face, opening his index and middle fingers to allow his glowing left eye to be seen, alongside a psychotic grin to enhance his already menacing appearance.


The Doppelganger's personality is not very established, but what is known about him is that he is a rather psychotic individual, constantly sporting an insane grin and talking in a menacing-yet-excited tone of voice when addressing others, appearing to enjoy the fear he inspires. He holds no regard for the memories he uses, seeing them only as tools to give him new forms to use. Despite them both having fractured memories, he appears to know exactly who Yuzo is, and he enjoys torturing him by dangling knowledge before him.




Fitting his name, The Doppelganger is capable of transforming into different people, copying their Decks right alongside their forms. To do this, he uses the power of the world's scattered memories, and thus is able to find them much like Yuzo can. Even in his default form, however, The Doppelganger possesses incredible power, being able to float in the air and smack others around like toys without a scratch on him.


While The Doppelganger DOES have a Deck in his default form, it has yet to be used. His Duels thus far have been using the Decks of those he has transformed into, but one constant among these Decks is that he includes at least one Memory Monster in each.

Shun KurosakiEdit

Opponent Outcome
Unknown TBA

While using the form of Shun Kurosaki, The Doppelganger uses his "Raidraptor" Deck, with his strategy of Summoning powerful Xyz Monsters normally or through a myriad of "Rank-Up-Magic" cards intact.


Syrus TruesdaleEdit

Opponent Outcome
Unknown TBA

While using the form of Syrus Truesdale, The Doppelganger uses his "Vehicroid" Deck, focusing more on the Summon of "Super Vehicroid" Fusion Monsters.


Kalin KesslerEdit

Opponent Outcome
Unknown TBA

While using the form of Kalin Kessler, The Doppelganger uses his "Infernity" Deck, using cards from across all of Kalin's different variations of the Deck. This Deck applies to the main universe version of Kalin rather than his Dark Synchro Dimension counterpart.