Speed Spell - Rank-Cross-Magic Infinite Limits
JPN Japanese: Sp(スピードスペル)RXM(ランククロスマジック)()(げん)(とっ)()
JPN Japanese (Kana): スピードスペルランククロスマジック-むげんとっぱ
JPN Japanese (Base): SpRXM-無限突破
JPN Phonetic: Supīdo Superu Rankukurosu Majikku - Mugen Toppa
JPN Translated: Speed Spell Rank-Cross Magic - Infinite Limits
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell
Property: Speed Spell Speed Spell
Card Lore:

Target at least 2 "Number" Xyz Monsters you control (1 you control and the rest in the Graveyard) with the same Types and Ranks, and multiply the numbers in their names together; Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 "Number" Xyz Monster whose name contains the result of the multiplication, by using them as the Xyz Materials (This Special Summon is treated as an Xyz Summon. Xyz Materials attached to those targets also become Xyz Materials on the Summoned monster). Then, after this effect resolves: You can look at your opponent's Extra Deck, and Special Summon 1 monster from the looked cards to your opponent's side of the field.

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