The Gold-Plate Beast archetype (Arkeus in Japanese) is an archetype used by "LDS Veteran Course" student from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: LionHeartKing's Fic Kamui Gurori. They are based of the Pokemon Arceus and, basically, the different Arceuses appeared in the Pokemon set Arceus. They focus on multiple kinds of summons, because the archetype already has a Fusion, a Synchro and an Xyz Monster. They are all Level 3, while the deck has 1 Fusion Substitute card and 1 Tuner for the Synchro Monster.

Card Arceus
Negative Gold-Plate Beast Darkness-type Arceus
Cyclone Gold-Plate Beast Grass-type Arceus
Infernalflame Gold-Plate Beast Fire-type Arceus
Hydro Gold-Plate Beast Water-type Arceus
Stellar Gold-Plate Beast Colorless-type Arceus
Electric Gold-Plate Beast Lightning-type Arceus
Genome Gold-Plate Beast Psychic-type Arceus
Fighter Gold-Plate Beast Fighting-type Arceus
Silver Gold-Plate Beast Metal-type Arceus
Future Gold-Plate Beast Arceus LV.X (I)
Time-Warping Gold-Plate Beast Arceus LV.X (II)
Momentum Gold-Plate Beast Arceus LV.X (III)

Trivia Edit

  • Its Japanese name (Arkeus) is a play on the Pokemon it represents (Arceus).

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